I’ve not forgotten about my series, On 2D Material Reconstruction of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Midrash Fridays. I’ve been incredibly busy with several things, which I will share more about in the future. Once I return to weekly blogging, I will pick up these series and bring them to their conclusions. Meanwhile, I’d like to share an idea about the Serekh ha-Yaḥad scrolls in particular, but also bibliographical study in general:

The materiality of a text is encoded in bibliographic form – which can sometimes provide clues to textual functionality. But the Serekh ha-Yaḥad material has been subjugated to modern notions of “work” which cannot map to ancient scribal media and epistemological processes (viz., media). Here is a helpful chart from my dissertation that maps out the Serekh ha-Yaḥad material, so to envision the material overlaps.

I’d welcome any feedback or comments, as this type of chart has never been utilised as a way to get a birds-eye view of the material landscape of a composition.

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