eWorkshop – Digital Methods of Material Reconstruction: The Jigsaw Puzzle of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Over the past several years, I have been writing my doctoral thesis on the The Community Rule Manuscripts discovered in the Judean Desert. These scrolls are fragmentary to various degrees. I soon realised that I would have to make new editions of the scrolls, for many significant assumptions about the materiality were directly influencing scholarly assumptions about textuality. I needed to devise a method to demonstrate my arguments, thus I turned to digital humanities to create new digital editions for my dissertation. As I worked out my methodology—and now prepare an essay for publication—I thought it would be great to offer a five session course on the topic of digital material reconstruction and the Dead Sea Scrolls. In this course, we will focus on the infamous text of 4QMiqṣat Maʿaśe ha-Torah (MMT), a very important legal text discovered from Cave 4. The five sessions will be outlined as follows:

  • Course 1: Introduction to Material Reconstruction and Scrollology
  • Course 2: Best Practices of Digital Reconstruction – Gathering and Preparing Information (Fragment Editions)
  • Course 3: Best Practices of Digital Reconstruction – Digital Palaeography, Schriftenmetric, 2D Reconstruction, Fragment Placement
  • Course 4: Working in a 2D Digital Working Environment – Columns, Sheets, and Scrolls
  • Course 5: Introduction to 3D Reconstruction – Winding and Unwinding Scrolls

If you are interested in this course, please contact me at: j.tucker–at–mail–dot–utoronto-dot-ca. Or leave a comment below. Once we have a good group of people, we can work out a schedule for the courses.

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